I love the sea. I love lighthouses because they are always in beautiful locations near the sea. I love the history, the story, behind every lighthouse and I love the beautiful unique architecture of each lighthouse.

I also love lighthouses for what they stand for; they’re beacons of light, guides to a safe haven. Their brilliant lights have guided lost ships out of harm’s way for centuries. And as a Christian, that image has had great significance to me. Many times this soul has lost her way in the darkness or felt helplessly tossed about by life’s storms, but there has always been a guiding light illuminating a safe and secure path into sanctuary, into hope, into love.

The beautiful fresnel lens in this picture resides at Sandy Hook Lighthouse, the oldest working lighthouse in the United States. Built in 1764, the lighthouse is located in New Jersey. Originally called the New York Lighthouse, it’s main purpose was to guide ships into New York Harbor.

Sandy Hook Fresnel Lens

This is my favorite story about the Sandy Hook Lighthouse. Early during the Revolutionary War, New York Congress decided that the lighthouse or the lighting apparatus should be destroyed “lest it fall into enemy hands.” Rather than destroying the lighthouse, they attempted to “render the lighthouse entirely useless” but then three months later, the British captured the lighthouse and repaired it. Then an attack was led by Benjamin Tupper to destroy the lighthouse with cannon fire, but after an hour of volleys, he “found the walls so firm that the cannon fire could make no impression.” The British occupied the lighthouse for most of the war. This is a lighthouse that has stood the test of time.


This post is a response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

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Part of the story was taken from: http://www.lighthousefriends.com/light.asp?ID=378