Growing up with eight brothers and sisters has given my kids quite a unique and unusual point of view on life. Having to share the house, the bathrooms (there’s three – thank God!), the closets (there’s never enough room!), the Lego’s, the TV, the computer, and the dinner table, with eight, actually ten other people (don’t forget mom and dad!) can be quite a challenge.

But without their siblings, my children would’ve grown up (some are still growing) to be very different people. But just think – it’s nine times the fun, nine times the silliness, nine times the craziness, nine times the laughter. And there’s always someone to talk to during the hard/sad times. There’s always a hug when one goes searching for one. My husband and I are amazed that they actually love and many times prefer spending time with each other especially now that five of them are adults.

This picture was taken by my kids for a calendar they gave me for Christmas. I cropped it a little and edited it to black & white. They are staring at the board game of Risk which is a family favorite.
Playing Risk

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