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Monochrome Monday

A window in the thick wall of Sandy Hook Lighthouse in Highlands, New Jersey.

Thankful Thursday: Changing Seasons August

I am continuing my Changing Seasons Photo Challenge series hosted by Cardinal Guzman (Click here for my May post, June post, and July post). At the end of July, we welcomed our second grandson so August was filled with loads... Continue Reading →

Happy Snow Day!

It's snowing here in New Jersey. Stay safe and stay warm!

Sandy Hook Lighthouse Windows

Lighthouses fascinate me. I am especially fascinated with Sandy Hook Lighthouse which was built in 1764. Located in New Jersey, her sturdy brick walls are seven feet thick at the base. Here you see the thickness of the walls when... Continue Reading →

Sandy Hook Lighthouse Fresnel Lens

I love the sea. I love lighthouses because they are always in beautiful locations near the sea. I love the history, the story, behind every lighthouse and I love the beautiful unique architecture of each lighthouse. I also love lighthouses... Continue Reading →

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