Created by my daughter. © All rights reserved. September 2015

During the last few weeks, my thoughts were occupied with concern for a friend I have never even met.

Several years ago, before Facebook, twitter, and Pinterest, I was part of an internet forum that consisted of RV enthusiasts who liked to take pictures. We were a group of amateur photographers who liked sharing pictures of our camping trips, children/grandchildren, and the beautiful places we called home. After four or five years of this, we got to know each other pretty well and some of us even traveled to visit each other.

After some disagreements with the pesty admins who only wanted us to post pictures and not have long drawn out conversations, many of us left “the (message) board” and for a time, joined a much smaller forum.

Then one of us discovered Facebook. Then another. Then another. Soon there was a group of us and now we communicate regularly in our own “RV group” which now has 50 members.

Three weeks ago, this “RV friend” communicated to a few of us that his wife was diagnosed with cancer and surgery was planned. From the moment, he expressed his deep concern, I was amazed at the outpouring of love and compassion exhibited by these friends whom I have never met. Many of us shared personal stories and many of us shared heartfelt prayers. And I know many of us prayed daily for peace, strength, and mainly healing for this woman.

My friend was often times filled with fear and anxiety but all the while, the others kept sending words of encouragement to him.  “We’re here for you.”

Surgery was this past Monday. My friend updated his wife’s status regularly as we awaited the outcome of her surgery..  “One hour in…”  “3 and half hours in…”

Finally he posts, “It is over.  (It) was Cancer. Got it all! Best of all NO chemo nor radiation!!!!”

I WAS AMAZED. Today, three days after surgery, his wife is recovering well.

I am so thankful for answered prayer. I am so thankful that God hears our cries.  But no matter what the outcome, there is always a blessing.

I am thankful for these people whom I can call friends.

What are you thankful for?

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*The above “word picture” was created by my daughter on the same day my friend’s wife came out of her successful surgery.  I never told my daughter about his wife.