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Thankful Thursday: Answered Prayers

During the last few weeks, my thoughts were occupied with concern for a friend I have never even met. Several years ago, before Facebook, twitter, and Pinterest, I was part of an internet forum that consisted of RV enthusiasts who liked... Continue Reading →

Unhappy Camper

My daughter (who has just woken up and still wearing her PJ's) is expressing her displeasure of the rain while camping and that she has to walk through it to get to the bathroom. Hmmmm, maybe at that moment, I... Continue Reading →

Thankful Thursday: Fall Camping at Jenny Jump

Every fall, our family camps at Jenny Jump State Forest in Hope, NJ. And every fall, I am amazed at the beauty and brilliant colors of the forest. It rained our first night there, but we were cozy, warm, and... Continue Reading →

Fall Camping at Jenny Jump State Forest

Vacationing as a large family can be costly.  As our family grew, accommodations that could fit our family could not fit our budget.  Several years ago, we purchased a travel trailer (RV) to use for our cross country trip. That is... Continue Reading →

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