I love California Poppies.  Not only are they beautifully unique and have a delicious orangy color,  they remind me of my childhood.   I was born in California.  Every year in early spring, fields, gardens, and even empty lots, would be bedecked in gorgeous orange blankets of poppies.  I distinctly remember how I loved these delicate flowers when I was a little girl.  I moved away from my beloved flower when I was twelve.

In February, my wonderful green-thumbed husband bought me a packet of California Poppy seeds, shipped right from the Golden State to the Garden State.  When I see these beauties in my garden, it delights my heart.  I am reminded of the brightness of sunshine and the enchantment of a golden sunset.  And I am once again, a happy and contented little girl experiencing sheer pleasure as I behold these radiant treasures.