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Hummingbird and Fairy Duster

Anna's Hummingbird (juvenile) and Fairy Duster flower at the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix.

Thankful Thursday: A Vivid Life and the Changing Seasons

I'm going to combine a couple photo challenges within my Thankful Thursday post this week. Firstly, I want to thank Cardinal Guzman for starting the Changing Seasons Photo Challenge in which one takes several pictures during the month and places... Continue Reading →

Thankful Thursday: Still Grateful

I am still looking through my thousands of pictures and so I decided to compile a small gallery of images for today's post. I am still basking in the happiness of being a grandparent and the wonderful trip to Phoenix.... Continue Reading →

Thankful Thursday: Discovering Unexpected Gifts

My three weeks in Phoenix is almost up and I am dreading the moment I have to say good bye to my little grandson. But looking back, I am so thankful for the absolutely wonderful time I have had here.... Continue Reading →

Compass Barrel Cactus


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