In pursuit of discovering beauty in my daily adventure of being a mom of nine


Morris County


I am so excited for my friend Shane who is the guest blogger for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge this week. The theme is Split-Second Story in which we are asked to "tell a story by documenting a moment in... Continue Reading →

Thankful Thursday: A Morning Escape

This past Tuesday, I suddenly found myself with some unscheduled TIME so I ran away (for two hours) from my insanely busy schedule and gave my overloaded brain a much needed rest. It was a beautiful spring day and I... Continue Reading →

Discovering the Beauty of New Jersey

Mention "New Jersey" to most people and images of the turnpike, traffic, pollution, and the cast of Jersey Shore¬†come to mind. Though I am not a New Jersey native, I have grown to love my adopted state and have been... Continue Reading →

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