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Thankful Thursday: The Gift of Children

Last weekend, some friends of mine asked me to take pictures of their twin son and daughter's Christening. I warned them that I am better at taking pictures of flowers than people but they laughed and asked me anyway. So... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture – Life in a Large Family

Life in a big family is well, quite counter-cultural.  It's not a common thing to see in today's society.  But it's a blast. All pictures were taken by my kids for a calendar for me.  Copyright © 2013 mithriluna -... Continue Reading →

One Baby at a Time

My husband and I always wanted a large family.  We both knew what living in a large family looked like since both of us each grew up with seven brothers and sisters.   Indeed, we felt it was our calling,... Continue Reading →

The Therapeutic Benefits of Having a Little Girl in Your Life

When she walks into the room singing, you spontaneously join her no matter what the song is. Without thinking, you pull out your best Michael Jackson impersonation whenever she plays her favorite CD.  She keeps you honest.  You come back... Continue Reading →

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