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Thankful Thursday: My Companion For Life

Today and everyday, I am thankful for my husband. A kind and generous man who loves his garden and to work with his hands, he has shown me that life is a joyous adventure and a precious gift from God.... Continue Reading →

Thankful Thursday: Gratitude is a life-saving remedy

I really believe that being thankful for even one thing each day has saved my life from losing hope and turning to despair. Lately my life has had some stressful moments (who's life doesn't?) and my impulse is to want... Continue Reading →

Thankful Thursday – Feeling Better

There are those weeks when the days fly by and blur in one big haze and then there are those weeks when each day is slow and deliberate. This past week was such week. Plagued by a sinus infection and... Continue Reading →

My One and Only

Here is a picture of my one and only true love and best friend. This is a response to this week's Weekly Photo Challenge: One. Life is getting a bit crazy here in our large family as we prepare for... Continue Reading →

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