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Flowers are my most popular subject here on my blog - shot often times in close-up. But sometimes, when the flower bush is tall or covered with large flowers, I like to take a few steps back to capture the... Continue Reading →


“A lake is a landscape's most beautiful and expressive feature. It is Earth's eye; looking into which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature.” ― Henry David Thoreau, Walden We have all been awe-struck when we come across... Continue Reading →

Battling Blazes in Curvaceous Style

1939 Diamond T 500 GPM pumper and booster truck, Stirling Fire Department, Stirling, NJ Click on any picture to view larger images. This post is a response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture – Life in a Large Family

Life in a big family is well, quite counter-cultural.  It's not a common thing to see in today's society.  But it's a blast. All pictures were taken by my kids for a calendar for me.  Copyright © 2013 mithriluna -... Continue Reading →

Both Writer and Reader

This is an excerpt from today's entry in my journal: "This morning Hubby (I used his real name in my journal - obviously) told me that I should get some rest, but I realized what he really meant was "you've been crabby, touchy, whiny, glum,... Continue Reading →

Daily Post Challenge: Getting the Good Shot

Daily Post Challenge for Today. Quick Tip: Getting the Good Shot Now remember — you need not use a phone to participate in this challenge or any other challenge we share here at the Daily Post. You can use any... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

Lost in the Details. This challenge is about getting lost in the details. Once you've found a subject you want to photograph, challenge yourself to work a little further into the scene. As a mom of nine, I often times get lost because... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

When I thought of the word "forward" and a picture to go with it, I thought of one that I took of my husband on a beautiful fall day last year. This photo evokes many thoughts and feelings within me.... Continue Reading →

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