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Thankful Thursday – the Little Things

During these past couple weeks of snow storms, many trees were damaged. It's been sad to see the damage all over my area. But on this Thankful Thursday, as I look out at my backyard, I can say that our... Continue Reading →

Monochrome Monday – Summer Reading

Yes, I handed him a book and said "sit here". But if I were to write a title, it would be "Summer Reading" and at that moment, he really did start reading The Black Arrow by Robert Louis Stevenson. This... Continue Reading →

New Addition

Last weekend, I offered to take pictures of a young family who just welcomed their second child a couple weeks ago. I needed more practice in capturing family shots, in particular, of newborns. However, my favorite shots of the day... Continue Reading →

April: Macro in the Garden

Some of my kids rented macro lenses for me to try out for this week (early Mother's Day gift). I have always wanted to take a picture like this. Taken in New Jersey where you can find many of these... Continue Reading →

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