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black and white photography

Thankful Thursday – the Little Things

During these past couple weeks of snow storms, many trees were damaged. It's been sad to see the damage all over my area. But on this Thankful Thursday, as I look out at my backyard, I can say that our... Continue Reading →

Monochrome Monday

Copley Place Shopping Mall, Boston, MA

Metropolitan Museum of Art – Lines and Angles

Cee's Black & White Photo Challenge: Lines and Angles

Monochrome Monday

A window in the thick wall of Sandy Hook Lighthouse in Highlands, New Jersey.

Metropolitan Monochrome

Stacy's post at Monochromia was my inspiration for this post. Thanks Stacy!

Whispering Bench at Longwood Gardens

If you ever find yourself at Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania, make sure you and a friend (or few) sit on the ends of the whispering bench.  When you whisper from one end towards the center, your friend on the other end... Continue Reading →

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