This happens about this time every year. One day they’re not there, and the next day, snow drops seem to “spring” out of the ground and surprise us. Well, it’s a most welcome surprise. The winter blues and blahs have taken over my spirit (and I think everyone else’s in the Northeast). There’s a yearning in our hearts for warm sunny days, and to see happy blooming flowers.
Snowdrops are usually the first bloomers in my garden although the hellebore is a close second. For these shots, I wanted to do something different than the ones I have taken before. So this time I pulled out my 50mm lens, and climbed into the bushes to get the lighting I wanted. With a bit of “hit or miss”, I managed to achieve the shots I was looking for.

I have been quite ill off and on since October. Not only that, a few of my kids have been through a bit of their own health challenges as well. It’s been frustrating for me as a mother to say the least.

These bright flowers represent hope to me – that my health (and others I pray for) will see a new spring. That beyond the cross is the Resurrection.