I am a little late with my Thankful Thursday post but it’s still Thursday in New Jersey. ๐Ÿ™‚

My cousin from Germany made a very last minute visit to my home this week. Even though I had only a 24 hour notice before she arrived, I am so grateful for this unexpected surprise.

It looks like she picked a perfect week to come. The last few weeks have been unseasonably warm but Autumn temperatures are finally visiting New Jersey for real.

To take advantage of the beautiful weather, my cousin and I took a lovely hike through nearby Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge. The leaves are just starting to change on the trees and the wildflower bloom is past peak, but it was beautiful nonetheless.

Late afternoon or early morning (when I can force myself to get up while it is still dark) are my favorite times to be out in the “Great Swamp”. The sun’s low position in the sky always brings out golden colors on the landscape. As we chatted along the trail, we often stopped to take pictures. The scenery around us glowed in the soft light.

What are you thankful for this week?