Recently I found a lovely garden photo challenge at Cathy’s blog Rambling in the Garden.   Even though there are hellebore flowers blooming in my garden, I did not want to pick them for an indoor floral arrangement.  However, as I was about to climb the steps to my front door after work today, I spied a bright patch of snowdrops obviously awaiting my discovery.  Every year around this time, I am always surprised to find them blooming, as though they somehow evade my detection until they decide to pop out of the ground happily showing their delicate white buds.

As I saw them, I immediately wondered how these tiny blooms would look in a little vase.  I will let you be the judge.


Here is an image of the snowdrops in my garden.


Taken in my garden in New Jersey in February. Canon EOS Rebel SL1, 50 mm (borrowed lens from my daughter).