I was inspired by Lisa’s post on Northwest Frame of Mind about finding an early bloomer in her winter garden and Simon from Weekly Fifty who posted about finding an interesting photographic subject when there seems to be none, particularly during the winter.
Yesterday, I stepped out my front door into the windy and below freezing temperatures of New Jersey and at first glance I thought there is nothing to find. Snow and ice. Brown dead leaves. Shriveled up remnants of flowers in my garden. Or so I thought. I walked over to the part of my garden where there is a bed of hellebore plants. Nope nope nope…oh wait a minute…what’s that? There in the middle of dead leaves, there was a patch of green and the sign of buds opening – maybe 2 to 3 inches high, pretty pink buds. My heart skipped a beat. It’s February and I see something growing, actually blooming in my garden. Yes yes yes, spring is a-coming.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Against the Odds