Waterlily at Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania

2016 was an incredibly full year. It was so chockful of events, surprises, joys, triumphs, celebrations, and adventures that I cannot even name them all in a blog post. I thought that maybe I could put together a Shutterfly photobook containing pictures from the year. I would need to order at least four books (or one HUMONGOUS one) to give us a glimpse of what transpired this year.

I am so amazed…and so behind. I have thousands of pictures I have never really looked at. When I do have time to sit down to look at pictures, I actually find pictures that I have never seen before except for the time I captured it with my camera. And now it’s a new year.

Speaking of pictures, this year poses a new challenge. I have used up my 5.0 GB upload limit on my blog. In order to continue photo blogging, I have several options to choose from but they all involve a fee. One free alternative is start a new blog from scratch which I do not want to do.

I am considering moving over to WordPress.org but I am not sure if I should take this leap towards more serious blogging.

Do any of you have any advice as to what I should do? I would appreciate any and all advice.

I am excited about the prospect of expanding but then I think of the work it involves. If I want to continue blogging, it has to be done. Here’s to learning something new. Here’s to a new blog and a new moment.