I am always promoting that everyone should take time to find beauty in the everyday moments of their lives. Today, I decided to challenge myself to find something beautiful and take a picture of it. Could I find something on this grey and dreary day?

A week and a half ago it snowed 30 inches. After that New Jersey experienced unseasonably warm temperatures. For the past two days, it has been raining. This morning, I looked out the window and was surprised to see green grass. Most of the snow has melted away.

It’s a drab-looking day, but overcast days are often the most ideal days to take pictures especially of close-ups. I walked around my back yard, bending down to pick up a wet leaf or look closely at tiny buds on my lilac bushes.

After a few minutes, I was pleasantly surprised to find bracket fungi growing on a log that was hidden away on the edge of my yard. The striped warm orangy tan color contrasted beautifully against the wet dark log and leaves found on the ground. Normally, I would ignore this log but seeing the colorful fungi growing on this wet, dreary day after snow and rain, was enough for me to recognize beauty in God’s seemingly ordinary creation.

The following quote from the Bible is a reminder to me that within every day, there are moments of profound beauty, reasons for rejoicing in a life that is mindful of life’s blessings. Let us be glad and be grateful.

This is the day the LORD has made;
let us rejoice in it and be glad.
Psalm 118:24




What are you thankful for?

If you would like to share your version of “Thankful Thursday” (photos or text or both) today or in the future, you can link your post to my post on Thursdays in the comments section. Happy Thursday Everyone!