The last flowers from my garden

My life, like most everyone else’s, is in a constant state of flux.  Things are always changing.

At this moment, there are ten of us that live in our house (one is my very busy mom).  On any given day, any combination of that number get up in the morning, shower, eat breakfast, and leave the house heading for work, school, or church.  In late afternoon/evening they come back at different times, a various combination of faces showing up on different days.  You would think that there is a pattern, and for most of us, there is.  It’s just hidden in the chaotic nature of having ten people, ten “schedules”, ten individuals under one roof.  Think of that…and then add a son and daughter-in-law and their baby boy who live around the corner.  At least everything stops when baby comes over, even if it’s just for half an hour.

My life is a constant flowing story made up of several characters, events, and moments.  It is a symphony, rich with movement, yet undulating in tempo.  It’s a river, whose currents change with the weather and the seasons, flowing down mountains, through valleys, along plains.

In life, change is not always easy and many times, it is unwelcome. Often, in order to accept change, pain and sacrifice are involved. But in accepting change especially in a matter that is out of our control, we go through a transformation and it is many times, beautiful.

During the past few weeks, I have been mourning the loss of summer. Each time I went to visit my garden, my little oasis of peace and beauty, I saw decay among my flowers and my vegetables.   The days were getting shorter; the nights colder.  The happy and bright faces of my flowers were fading and so it seemed the ability to find my happy place.

So when the leaves on the trees here in New Jersey started changing their colors, the sight of them lifted my spirit.  The seasons remind me of “change” and of transformation. Each time a season ends, another season offers promise – a promise of hope, a promise of change for the better.

Since my life is in a constant state of flux, I am reminded that in order to find my happy place, I need to be thankful for the here and now.  To be grateful for this moment is a way to ward off the blues, to handle the chaotic comings and goings of my household, to ride the currents of change,  to love and be present to my loved ones, to joyfully sing my alto part in this symphony, to dance in the leaves, and truly soak in the blessing and goodness of God in my life.

Brilliant fall maple leaves in my neighborhood


©Patrick McDonnell

What are you thankful for?

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