I am continuing my Changing Seasons Photo Challenge series (which I started with my May post).

This year, June marked the beginning of a wonderful six week visit by my daughter, her husband, and (at-the-time) my two month old grandson from Arizona. June was also the time when my garden started to explode with flowers, fruit, and vegetables.  Looking at these pictures helps me to remember that I shouldn’t take anything for granted.  Life is a precious gift.

Here are pictures, depicting some of the wonderful June happenings that I am so thankful for.

To view larger images, click on any picture for the slideshow.  Hover your mouse over each picture for captions.

“Now the heart is so full that a drop overfills it,
We are happy now because God so wills it;
No matter how barren the past may have been,
’T is enough for us now that the leaves are green;
We sit in the warm shade and feel right well
How the sap creeps up and the blossoms swell…
The breeze comes whispering in our ear,
That dandelions are blossoming near…
Every thing is upward striving;
’T is as easy now for the heart to be true
As for grass to be green or skies to be blue, —
’T is the natural way of living…”
~James Russell Lowell, The Vision of Sir Launfal

What are you thankful for?

If you would like to share your version of “Thankful Thursday” (photos or text or both) today or in the future, you can link your post to my post on Thursdays in the comments section. Happy Thursday Everyone!