My ten year old daughter made me a delicious grilled cheese sandwich on Saturday.

Though not life-threatening, my health has been an issue this past week with a trip to the ER then another trip to urgent care and now it’s trips to different doctors.

I am finding it hard to be grateful.  In fact, I am quite anxious.

However, looking back at my week, I realize that in between those numerous medical visits, so many happy little things have happened.

The above picture is one lovely example.

Here are a few more:

  1. A snow day on Monday gave me an extra day to rest.
  2. Reassuring hugs and words from my husband.
  3. Kind doctor and nurses at the urgent care.
  4. A pair of new warm socks
  5. Meals made by my mom
  6. Laughter at the dinner table
  7. My son did well at his school’s history fair (actually that’s a big one)
  8. My other son finally went back to school six weeks after knee surgery (that’s big too)
  9. My warm and comfy bed
  10. Bright sunshine shining through my window

To my surprise, I can go on and on.

You need to let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you.
~ Andy Warhol

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Have a wonderful Thursday!