Summer is my favorite season of the year, especially summer in New Jersey. I love the warm, relaxed, long days. I love the slower pace of life – staying up late and sleeping in. I love the colors of summer – tall green grass, brilliant happy flowers, white linen pants, pink painted nails, soothing blue of the ocean, and vivid purple sunsets. I love the sounds too – the lovely song of birds in the morning, the happy squeal of kids playing in the backyard, the laughter of friends sitting on a front porch, the sound of the waves at the Jersey Shore, and the katydids calling to each other at night. Amazingly, it goes by so quickly but I am thankful for the time to relax and to rejuvenate.

Since we have relatives visiting with us this summer, we have taken the opportunity to explore more of this beautiful state of New Jersey. I am sure I will have plenty more pictures of our trips as the summer progresses.

I have discovered a farmers market at Wagner Farm Arboretum in Warren, NJ that is open every Thursday during the warm months. This is where I met Jessica from Green Duchess Farm. A third-generation farmer, Jessica’s aim is to provide naturally grown, healthy, chemical-free vegetables and meats while respecting the land and ecosystems present on her farm. Wow, chemical-free, organically grown produce in New Jersey? Yes, it is possible and it’s pretty easy to find. It IS called the “Garden State”.

The following pictures highlight some of the reasons why I love summer in New Jersey. To view a caption, place your mouse over any picture. Click on any image to see a larger view.

Hydrangea, Berkeley Heights, NJ
Hydrangea, Berkeley Heights, NJ
Jenkinson's Boardwalk, Point Pleasant, NJ
Jenkinson’s Boardwalk, Point Pleasant, NJ
Leonard Buck Gardens, Fairhills, NJ
Leonard J. Buck Gardens, Fair Hills, NJ
Green Duchess Farm
Green Duchess Farm Stand, at Wagner Arboretum Farmers Market
Wagner Farms Arboretum, Warren, NJ
Sunflower at Wagner Farm Arboretum, Warren, NJ

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