If they haven’t figured it out already, people who think I am super organized and the epitome of peace will soon find out that I am quite the opposite…at least for the next two months.

I have two graduates this year – one from high school and one from eighth grade.  They both attend the same small private school.  Back in September, at the parents’ open house meeting at school, I volunteered my time and talent to be the “class mother” for both grades.  I was told, “there’s not much required until the end of the year when they graduate” so I happily signed my name on the sign-up sheet.

December comes along and one of my daughters calls me and tells me that she is engaged.  This is our first wedding.   I am so excited for her and we start to make plans.  Since she is a teacher and lives out of state, she decides on July 12 this year.  I order mother-of-the-bride dress after mother-of-the-bride dress online and I return mother-of-the-bride dress after mother-of-the-bride dress at the store.  All of the bride’s sisters and brothers (yes all of my kids) are in the wedding party.  Colors. Caterer. DJ. Decorations. Bridesmaid dresses.  I am distracted at work.   I am distracted at church.  I am distracted at home.  I find myself thinking of little details pertaining to the wedding.  All. The. Time.

May comes along and I remember, “I gotta give my graduates attention.”  And then someone asks me, “Didn’t you sign up to be the class mother for 12th and 8th grades?”  I was definitely not the epitome of peace at that moment.  High school graduation is May 29.   Eighth grade graduation is June 4th.  Senior banquet.  Senior trip to New York.  Senior fun days.  Reception after eighth grade graduation.   Graduation dress for my daughter (just got it!).  Graduation suit for my son (still don’t have it).  Planning.  Lots of planning.  Emails. Text messages. Phone calls.  Back and forth and back and forth.

Wedding.  Graduation.  My brain is on overload.  My mind is spinning.

And then there’s everyday life…