There are those weeks when the days fly by and blur in one big haze and then there are those weeks when each day is slow and deliberate. This past week was such week. Plagued by a sinus infection and a cough that could terrify the neighborhood, I was forced to decelerate to a near halt. My weekend plans were cancelled and I pretty much lived in my PJ’s. It was difficult but it was needed and to tell you the truth, I also enjoyed it. I read books, watched movies (I never watched a cirque du soleil movie before – great for sick days!), and stayed warm in my comfy bed (in between my monster coughing fits several times a day).

Forsythia branches that were brought inside bloomed within two days.

This week I am thankful for:

  1. Feeling better. The cough has subsided and I am able to sleep at night.
  2. A great husband and kids who took care of me and “yelled” at me whenever I started cleaning or cooking.
  3. My mom who cooked a couple meals.
  4. My job. My boss is very understanding.  I have great colleagues who picked up some of my work because of deadlines.
  5. Quiet moments in prayer.
  6. The season of Spring
  7. Blooming forsythia that just two days before were flowerless branches in my yard.  I cut a few, brought them inside, and voilà!  (Almost) instant flowers! 
  8. The “likes” everyone has been showing me on my latest posts.  I really appreciate the support!

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Happy Thursday Everyone!

“Give thanks in all circumstances.” ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:18