When trying to figure out a creative interpretation to this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside, I walked by my daughter who was in the middle of intently reading a book.


The next day, I “set up” my shoot which means I asked her if she would be willing to be my subject for this week’s challenge and then I asked her to pick out a big book with a clear title. I was thinking of a nice big Dr. Seuss book, but she chose a different one with an interesting title yet one that would instill a bit humor since at ten years old, she would never choose to read this book. As I took several shots (she personally approved the ones you see here), she really read the pages. She settled on the inside cover of the book which contained the musical notes from one of Bach’s masterpieces and pretended to sing a tune.

Since it is very common to find one or more of my kids buried in a book (for class or enjoyment), my older daughter was seriously reading a book right next to my “subject” so she is included in this photo shoot.