Last night, my dear friend, Jeanne passed away, after battling cancer.

Jeanne never married or had any children. For several years, she was the school secretary at my children’s school. The students were “her kids”. She made each kid feel special and important. Most of those kids are grown up now and remember her with deep fondness.

Jeanne was also my mom’s biggest support after my dad passed away two years ago, supporting Mom during those hard first months. She was Mom’s Crackle Barrel buddy. They didn’t mind the 30 minute drive because that was their favorite place to go. Jeanne had an infectious laugh that would set Mom off in an instant. They had so much fun together. Jeanne helped Mom to never give in to her grief but to live with it and to go on. Jeannie helped her to not only to keep going but to discover a new life without Dad, a life that still has many blessings, many moments worth cherishing.

Whenever I was annoyed at something or someone, she would tell me, “Give it side glance. It’s not worth it” and she would gesture her head like there was a fly in her hair and she was flicking it off.

She was full of life; she brought life, and she gave life to all of us.

Here’s to an incredibly wonderful life. Love you and miss you dear friend.

sun and rose

I know that my Redeemer lives, the One who calls me home.
I long to see God face to face, to see with my own eyes.

I know that I shall one day see the goodness of the Lord,
when God will wipe away our tears, and death will be no more.

The last day I shall rise again, shall be remade like God.
My home shall be by God’s own side, the dying, rising Lord.

I know that my Redeemer lives, that I shall rise again.

Hymn by Scott Soper

Day 20 (and 21) of 21-Day Gratitude Challenge.