Well today I am blending two challenges into one.

This is Day 2 of my 21-Day Gratitude Challenge as well as my response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit.

I drive a Ford 15 passenger van. Daily. Like every day.

When we purchased it nearly 15 years ago, I was pretty hesitant about driving this “monstrosity” but it was a necessity. We had outgrown our minivan. We purchased a 15-passenger van instead of a 12-passenger because we wanted extra room for the kids’ friends and also for gear and luggage when we went on vacation. Β 

And I love the funny looks I get when I step out of it at the local grocery store. My car is the biggest car in the lot. “Hey Lady, my 15-passenger van with a V10 engine is bigger than your Hummer!” Well, I’ve never ever said that out loud but I have certainly thought about it.

I have actually come to love our mode of transportation. The van has been able to pull our 27-foot travel trailer across the country, from New Jersey to California and back. Our van is the official car of whatever sports team any of my kids are involved in at any given time. During certain seasons, I am “queen of the carpool”, sort of speak. Β Also, many people have borrowed our van for various trips.

Our Ford has been incredibly reliable. With several thousand miles under her hood, I was waiting for the odometer to turn over to 200,000 miles. Unfortunately, we were so busy during the weekend that we missed the amazing achievement by thirty seven miles. I only found out when I climbed into the van after work today to take a picture!