I was never an orangy/terracotta/rust type of person but several years ago, my brother entered our name for a TLC TV show room makeover and we were chosen to have our living room redone. It’s a long story but after several meetings with the designer, these are the basic colors she chose for our room. I wasn’t crazy about it at first sight because it was not what I expected, but I did love the warmth of the colors. I always wanted our home to be a welcoming place for guests, full of warmth and love, and I think she saw the hue of my heart.

I now love this room. I love sitting in this room, soaking up the warmth of the colors. Ā I am so happy that I have a place where I can welcome friends and strangers alike. Hospitality is a lost art, but for me, this room is a place where I can show just that to everyone who enters my home.




This post is a response to this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You.