Today’s WordPress daily prompt asks us to “finish this sentence: “My closest friend is…”.

In my life I have been incredibly blessed with dear friends, many of whom I could go to and share my struggles and my joys.  My husband, too, I also consider my best friend (he deserves a separate post).

But there is one that I could go to and share my deepest desires and dreams and my deepest regrets and failings.  He listens to my stupid rants, my irrational fears, my incessant annoyances, and repetitive ramblings.  But he also listens to my aspirations and hopes for the future, the inner longings of my heart.  And I know he would never leave me; he would never ridicule me; he would never make me feel insignificant because I know he loves me.  He loves me with a love that is bottomless, an affection that surrounds me, and a mercy that is all forgiving.  He holds me up when I am falling.  He holds my hand and guides me when I am lost in the darkest moments of my soul.  Inevitably all others will disappoint me (as I will disappoint others)  but he is always with me even when I forget him.  With him, I am the best person I can possibly be.  That is a true friend.

Whenever I hear the following song I think of my dearest and closest Friend who is also my Lord and Savior.

You’ve got a Friend by Carol King