Last week, my husband visited his dad and brought home some beautiful peonies from his mother’s garden. Sadly, his mom passed away this past February. Not only was she a wonderful mother-in-law, she was one of my dearest friends. So seeing those beautiful peonies made me sad but also strangely comforted. You see, peonies are my favorite flower and these particular peonies were an exquisite color of pink and the fragrance was out-of-this-world wonderful. I really feel it was a message of love from her to me. At least once a day for a week, I would breathe in that heavenly aroma, look into the faces of these flowers, and recall Mom’s kindness, remember her love, and be grateful for her time with us.  Then I would say a little prayer, and then shed a tear.  I know I have someone watching over us (along with my dad) and I will always remember that fragrant message of love from heaven.

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