Picture of the Day – Dead Horse Point State Park, Moab, Utah

This is an excerpt from today’s entry in my journal:

This morning Hubby (I used his real name in my journal – obviously) told me that I should get some rest, but I realized what he really meant was “you’ve been crabby, touchy, whiny, glum, impatient (and all the other synonyms for “moody”).  ‘You haven’t been yourself’, he said. And this is very true.” 

As I wrote this in my journal, I looked at the little quotation printed on the bottom of the page and it said,

“Fear less, hope more;  Whine less, breathe more…”

Oh boy, I guess I really haven’t been myself (yes, I really am not normally whiny) .  And yes, I agree with my husband, I really need to rest.  Remember my last post?  Y’know, the one where I proclaimed to the blogging world that I was going to get the rest I need?  Well, quite frankly, I haven’t.  As I thought about why I am tired, I realized that there are two reasons:

  1. Not going to bed on time
  2. Blogging

There I said it.  Blogging. I have discovered a new hobby.  What started out as a way to learn WordPress for work, has become a time-consuming obsession.  I am discovering, or rather, re-discovering that I like to write and that I enjoy it when people read what I write.  In the short time since I have started my blog, I am finding that blogging is helping me to really look into myself and see who I really am.  When I am expressing my thoughts and feelings in my blog, I am both writer and reader at the same time – discovering and learning about the person who is me.  I am able to see where I need to make improvements as a wife/mother/person and look earnestly at how I can achieve to be a better me.  Blogging also gives me a wonderful way to share my amateur photography skills with others.

Unfortunately,  in the course of my very hectic day/life/existence, there is very little time for blogging so I have resorted to write when my house is really quiet.   Between 2 and 3 am in the morning is usually the best time.  I am the least distracted in the wee hours of the morning.  There is little chance that someone will be coming in the door at that time (notice I said little not very little).  But alas, I have been quite foolish by being obsessed with this obsession much to the detriment (did I use this word correctly?) of/to? my family and probably co-workers too.

This week I was just thinking how I need to schedule (responsibly) when I should blog.   Thank you to my friend, Photography Journal blog for suggesting scheduling in a time.  Hmmmm.  The question is when.  It will probably not be what time, but what day (and time).  So no more late night blogging for me!  You (and I) read it right here.  Little tip: if you place your mouse over the date of my post, you will also see the time I posted so now I am accountable.

“Fear less, hope more;  Whine less, breathe more…”

This post just happens to coincide with today’s Daily Prompt challenge asking the question, “Why do you blog?’.