• When she walks into the room singing, you spontaneously join her no matter what the song is.
  • Unicorns I love them, unicorns I love them....
    Unicorns I love them, unicorns I love them….
    • Without thinking, you pull out your best Michael Jackson impersonation whenever she plays her favorite CD.


    •  She keeps you honest.Untitled
    •  You come back to your computer and discover a charming drawing.

    The  Princess Scene

    • When you are down and feeling blue, the moment she enters the room and greets you, your day is suddenly brighter.


    •  The percentage rate of your tendency to smile and laugh goes up 200% (estimation).

    Introducing the graph

    • You can never take yourself too seriously.


    • You randomly receive cards that contain hearts and flowers, and the color pink, and the word “love” on a regular basis.


    • When you work out on the Wii, you have a special personal trainer who cheers you on.


    • A daily hug from a little girl releases tension and has a calming effect.  Several hugs a day keep you happy.


    This post was created in response to the Weekly Writing Challenge: Image vs. Text

    All images were found on the internet with no apparent owner except for the drawing (that really is my daughter’s) and Tweety Bird (Zwani.com).